Transferring files between Unix and your client machine

Submitted on Friday, 8/19/2016, at 2:34 PM

You may want to transfer files back and forth between a Unix system and your own computer so that you can print in your room or for other reasons. The IT site has documentation on two approaches. The easiest idea (especially if you're on-campus) is to set up direct access to your Unix directory from your client machine. For Windows, do this:

Click the Start button, then in the Search box, type the full path to the share in the following format:


Press Enter on the keyboard.

If you have trouble logging-in, enter your username with the suffix as in Once the disk is mounted, you should be able to create a short-cut by right-clicking on it and selecting the right menu item.

For Unix, select Go>Connect to Server from the Finder menu. Connect to smb:// Enter your username and password, and then select the volume with your name.

Another method is to use a special program like Fetch (Macs) or WinSCP (Windows).

In addition, Mac users can use another approach that I've described on the Mac page.