Accessing the IT Unix Systems (Romulus and Remus)

Submitted on Saturday, 5/28/2022, at 1:30 PM

If you only need command-line access to the IT Unix systems, you can use the ssh program on your personal computer after launching one of the following command-line programs:

  • Mac: look in the Utilities folder and open
  • Newer versions of Windows 10 or later: look in the Start menu and open Windows PowerShell.
  • Older versions of Windows 10 or earlier: install Git for Windows and then in the Start menu, open Git Bash.

If you need graphical access to the IT Unix systems, there are two possibilities that we recommend:

  • Remote Desktop Connection is an application that runs on a Windows or Mac desktop. This app is pre-installed on Windows machines, while Mac users can get it at the App Store.
  • The X Windows system lets you create windows on the Unix systems that appear on your Mac desktop. Windows for Unix applications are intermingled with windows for applications that are running locally on the Mac.