How to Apply

The application to participate in the Göttingen Exchange Program for the upcoming semester or year can be accessed below:

The Department strongly recommends study at a German-speaking university, ideally during a student's junior year. Amherst maintains an annual student exchange with the prestigious Göttingen University in Germany. Göttingen University was founded in 1737 as a University of the Enlightenment. It is internationally renowned for its great research tradition and remarkable spectrum of disciplines: 13 faculties, 120 study programs, worldwide networks.
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The Amherst College program with the University of Göttingen

Göttingen is a small German city in the center of unified Germany, close to the Harz mountain range and 90 minutes away from Berlin by train. The university is one of Germany's leading institutions of higher education, with about 32,000 students and 2,500 professors, and an excellent library system.


Our arrangement with Göttingen University is generous: for the duration of their stay at that university, students are charged only half of the tuition rate for Amherst College. In 2023-24 this comes to $33,325.00 for two semesters. Students receive a monthly living allowance in Göttingen which covers most of their living expenses (such as fees, health insurance costs, accommodations, and food).

Amherst students on financial aid are eligible to have some of their financial aid package applied toward the Göttingen program. Please consult the Dean of Financial Aid and Dean of Students offices for details. Non-Amherst students must check with their home institution’s financial aid office.

Department Major Credit

In order to fulfill part of the major requirements for the Amherst College German Department, courses must be related to the fields of German Literature or German Studies (i.e. German major credit may be awarded for a broad range of topics, including German literature, politics, history, film studies, or the arts.) Up to two courses a semester, or three courses per year, may be approved for major credit. Before their departure for Europe, all students should consult with their advisors on these matters. They are also strongly encouraged to remain in touch while abroad.

College Credit

Even if not related to the German major, any completed academic course in the liberal arts will be recommended for Amherst College credit. Upon their return from Göttingen, students must submit all documents pertaining to their academic record abroad to the Chair of the German Department. The German Department faculty will then recommend to the Registrar the number of credits to be granted, normally the equivalent of eight full courses for an academic year, four for one semester. All courses taken abroad will be granted "block credit" without grades attached, i.e. they will not figure into a student's grade point average listed on the transcript.