The Office of Identity and Cultural Resources (OICR) supports and resources students as they navigate, develop, and celebrate their identities. Through educational programs, advocacy, affinity spaces, and leadership development we help create inclusive communities that improve and enrich the Amherst College experience.


A community in which all identities and life experiences are welcome and uplifted, and in which those who are historically and currently systematically marginalized thrive.

Our Collective Work

Our collective work is grounded in identity development, community care, education, and transformation. We work to:

  • Foster a strong sense of community within and between the unique spaces defined by affinity and identity.
  • Affirm the identities of historically and systemically marginalized communities by creating both physical and figurative space that centers their intersectional experience.
  • Identify and address barriers that impede students’ ability to access resources and services and advocate for solutions to address those challenges.
  • Develop, implement, and assess an approach that increases opportunities for student collaboration, activism, and advocacy.
  • Engage the campus community in meaningful dialogues and actions that lead to introspection, growth, and change.
  • Provide leadership opportunities and training that support personal growth and professional development.
  • Provide salient resources according to the needs of students holding specific identities.

Community Resource Centers

There are six resource centers within OICR, each with its own physical space within the Keefe Campus Center and a team of professional and student staff. In any given year, approximately 50-60 student staff work across the centers. While the centers prioritize different populations and have particular areas of focus, they also collaborate closely. Intersectionality is key to our work, and the collective impact of OICR is greater than the sum of its parts.

Collaborating with the Office of Identity & Cultural Resources

We believe in the positive impact of partnering with student organizations and therefore welcome such collaboration. If you are looking to collaborate more closely with one of our centers, please email the center directly.

If you'd like to promote your event or announce an opportunity through one of our center newsletters please complete and submit this form.

We also welcome collaboration with new student groups who are currently or interested in applying to be a RSO. Want to apply to be a RSO? You can find information on our Proposals for New RSOs page.