Summer Housing 2024

Summer Housing requires an application from students and a corresponding support Advisor/Supervisor from an Amherst College department. Graduates are not eligible for summer housing. 

The student transitional and summer housing applications are in Housing Portal. The application goes live by April 12, 2024.  

This form will ask about your anticipated housing needs, advisor/supervisor information, and possible roommate information.  Summer housing request forms are due by noon on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

It is important to note that most students engaging in any portion of the following segments of summer housing will need to change housing assignments during their stay. Summer Housing is broken down into three major segments, each with its own eligibility criteria.  

  1. Spring to Summer Transition (May 15 to June 10, 2024) 
    Located in Chapman, Humphries, Marsh, Moore, Newport, Plimpton, Seligman, and Valentine
    1. Available only to spring residents hired to work commencement, reunion, and select essential campus initiatives (housing available only during employment), students with extenuating circumstances, and international students who cannot travel due to international limitations. Students must also have a Spring 2024 housing assignment.
    2. Ineligible students include:
      1. Students who are not committed to the College until after June 10, 2024
      2. Students who do not have Spring 2024 housing assignments 
    3. Moving into transition housing will occur on a rolling basis as rooms are vacated and prepared. Residents must be prepared to move within 48 hours notice between May 20 and June 7, 2024. Alternative move dates are unavailable.
  2. Summer Housing (June 9 to August 3, 2024) 
    Located in Chapman, Ford, Garman, Greenway C, Humphries, Jenkins, Lee, Morrow, Newport, Nicholls-Biondi, Plimpton, and Seligman

    Cost: Summer housing is billed to advisors/supervisors or students at a rate of $200/week. Students are responsible for learning if their advisor/supervisor covers the cost.

    NOTE: If you need storage between Spring and Summer, please visit our Storage Information page.

    1. Eligible students who participate in Amherst College academic programs, student summer employees, students with extenuating circumstances, and those who cannot travel due to international limitations who also work or research on campus. 
    2. Ineligible students include those who are leaving for, or returning from leave and are not cleared for housing by the Office of Student Care, and those who are not explicitly approved via the Summer Housing Request process.
    3. Please review the tax and income implications of summer housing on the Controller's website and ensure you understand and prepare for those outcomes. 
  3. Summer-to-Fall Transition (August 2 through Fall semester) 
    Located in students’ Fall 2024 housing assignments 
    1. Eligible students include students with approved extenuating circumstances, international students, and students with commitments to the College beyond August 5, 2024. 
    2. Ineligible students include those studying away, or taking a leave for the Fall 2024.   
    3. Moving into fall housing will range between August 2 and August 11, 2024, in a rolling manner as fall rooms are prepared. These dates are determined based on programs and room readiness.  Alternative move dates are not possible.