Admission and Enrollment Profile

For almost eight decades, Amherst College has published an Annual Report to Secondary Schools, inaugurated by Amherst Dean of Admission Eugene “Bill” Wilson in 1947. These reports have been an effort to lend some transparency to the Admission process, and to equip students, families and counselors with information that may be useful to them as they embark on the college application process.

In pursuit of these same goals (information sharing and transparency), we have re-imagined how that reporting might look if it took advantage of the digital tools that Dean Wilson did not have available to him in 1947, nor even my more immediate predecessor Dean Katie Fretwell in 2017. I am pleased to share the Admission and Enrollment Profile here with you, but you will continue to find the archive of the Annual Report to Secondary School linked below.

Each year when we prepare this information, I am reminded that these numbers represent just a fraction of the wealth of knowledge, experience and academic potential that each new class of Amherst students bring to our campus. They are truly “students of intellectual promise who have demonstrated qualities of mind and character that will enable them to take full advantage of our curriculum,” made up of a body of “qualified applicants from different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds – students whose several perspectives might contribute significantly to a process of mutual education within and beyond the curriculum,” whom we have admitted in continued commitment to our mission here at Amherst College.

Terras Irradient 
Matt McGann
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

An overhead photo of a group of students studying sitting on top of fallen fall leaves

Class of 2027 Admission and Enrollment Profile

After nearly eight decades of a formal report to secondary schools, we are thrilled to be able to present the statistics on our enrolling class in this digital format.