Senior Theses 2021


An old man wearing a hat and holding a mirror up to his face

Julian Taylor Raiford ’21

Comprised of a series of family photos, Raiford intimately examines the “intergenerational cycles of struggle, triumph, and joy that exist within families and create patterns of softness and violence.” View her work.


drawing of a woman with handwriting saying self-portrait exaggerating my negroid features, Adrian Piper, June 21, 1981

Arielle Kirven ’21

Read the abstraact of Arielle Kirven’s thesis, “Indicting the White Gaze: Adrian Piper’s Search for an Unmarked Selfhood.”

Painting by Paul Gaugin showing people relaxing together in an outdoor setting in Tahiti

Julia Molin ’21

Read the abstract of Julia Molin’s thesis, “New Heaven, New Earth: Doubles in the Art of Paul Gauguin.”

Senior Theses 2020


a clay figure wearing a white dress sits with her face hidden in her hands

Lorelei Dietz ’20

In her senior thesis, “Phantom Pains,”  Dietz states, “The mind forgets, but the body doesn’t.” View her artwork.

painted portrait of Charissa with pink hair, cherry earrings, and a green halo

Charissa Doerr ’20

In her artist’s statement, Doerr talks about the figurative nature of her work. “I care about specificity and capturing the likenesses, clothing, and hair styles of my subjects so that they are contemporary and familiar to me.” View her portraits.

abstract art

Caroline Shim ’20

Shim addresses the meaning of the Korean concept jeong — a feeling of kindness and closeness — in her work. View her paintings.



graph of the biennale presence of various South Asian artists, further description in text

Shreeansh Agrawal ’20

Read the abstract of Agrawal’s thesis, “Moving Out, Looking In: Representation in the Globalized Indian Contemporary Art Scene From 2000 to 2015.”

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Jane Bragdon ’20

Read the abstract of Bragdon’s thesis, “Political Piety and the Nonvisible Presence: How Hürrem Sultan and Nur Jahan Built Waqf, Reputations, and Legacies in the Islamic World.”

abstract image of blue circles and circles containing photos of people taking photos with their phones

Julia Cardenas ’20

Read an abstract of Cardenas’ thesis, “One Dot in a Million: Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms and the Impact of Social Media.”

Heatmap of Sandro Botticelli's Purgatorio Drawings

Nathaniel Corley ’20

Read an abstract of Corley’s thesis, “The ‘Art of Visible Speech’: Illustration as Exegesis in Botticelli’s Commedia.”