About the Computer Science Department

Scott Alfeld Assistant Professor of Computer Science teaching an Artificial Intelligence class

So come join us, for a course or two, or for a major.  We will be happy to see you!

Computer Science is for everyone

We welcome students with all levels of experience and all kinds of interests.  Our introductory course, Computer Science 111, assumes no previous experience with computer science.

Computer Science is about far more than computers

Computer Science is about what can be computed and what cannot be computed.  It's about how to figure things out. It's about how to decide if one way of doing something is better than another. 

Computer Science gives you a new way of looking at the world

Thinking like a Computer Scientist - thinking algorithmically, has led to new insights in many areas.  As a famous Computer Scientist said:

“It has often been said that a person does not really understand something until he teaches it to someone else.  Actually, a person does not really understand something until he can teach it to a computer.” - Donald Knuth 

Computer Science has applications everywhere

In the humanities, the social sciences and, of course, the sciences, computation is everywhere.