The interdisciplinary field of Education Studies examines the history, purpose, politics, and consequences of education. Students who major in Education Studies will draw on a range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches to think through crucial questions for democracy: education’s role in the production of citizens and nations; education’s role as a tool of cultural reproduction and transformation; the sources and mechanisms of social inequalities; how teaching and learning happen; and how and why schools and school systems look the ways they do.

The Latest from Education Studies

A Fireside Chat with Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, Stefan Bradley, and Eddie Cole, Chaired by Hilary Moss

November 3, 2022

This conversation was The Chair's Plenary for the History of Education Society Annual Meeting for 2022 and took place at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday November 3, 2022.

"Reflecting on Two Years of Education Studies"

The Amherst Student features the "new" program of Education Studies on its second anniversary. Article written by senior Guilherme Santos.