Professor Tariq Jaffer, in front of a black board, leans on a desk, listening to a question from a student
Tariq Jaffer, associate professor of religion

The study of religion is a diversified and multi-faceted field that involves the study of both specific religious traditions and the general nature of religion as a phenomenon of human life. It includes the study of global cultures from the ancient to the modern, using the methods of textual, historical, anthropological, sociological, and philosophical disciplines.

Religion majors take at least eight courses in the major, a courseload that makes the major a good choice for students wishing to double major. Students new to the study of religion are invited to take courses at any level.

Our majors go on to excel in all fields that liberal arts students thrive in -- education, business, the law, tech fields, medicine, library science, the ministry, and academia. They bring with them strong skills in critical thinking, a nuanced eye for interpreting history and culture, and disciplined ways of considering questions of ultimate importance.

We have a large and distinguished network of Religion alumni who do us proud in the many fields to which they have contributed.