These pages include an overview of academic policies and procedures for faculty and staff at Amherst College. More detailed information related to policies in this document are found in the Amherst College Catalog and Faculty Handbook. Academic calendar dates are available on the college website, including important dates and deadlines.

Report Sections

A student talking to a teacher in an office

Course Registration

This section covers Amherst College’s three-step registration process: pre-registration, roster management, and add/drop.

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Roster Management

This section covers managing course enrollment and rosters in Workday and Moodle, course load requirements, five college registration and course withdrawal.

A pair of hands working in a notebook and on a computer

Grading Policies

This section covers midterm and final grades, GPA calculation, and the process of changing a grade.

A speaker speaking at the Amherst College commencement

Degree Requirements

This section covers the requirements for a bachelor of arts degree at the College, including declaration of a major, requirements for a degree with honors and participation in commencement exercises.