General Grading information:  Grades and comments should be submitted via Workday.

  • Please go to Workday and select either Assign Interim (Mid-Term) Grades or Assign Final Grades from the Teaching App. You cannot use Moodle to enter final grades as they will not be forwarded to the main computer database and will not appear on the students’ record. 
  • Acceptable grades are A+, A, A -, B+, B, B -, C+, C, C -, D, and F or, if P/F appears next to the student’s name, either P or F.   Some students have been assigned a “W” for “withdrawn without penalty;” some students have received an “F” and have been withdrawn with penalty. No other notation for such students is necessary. Faculty requesting an extension will see a grade of “I” for “incomplete” assigned by the registrar upon approval by the class dean.  
  • Note: A grade of “Y” is exclusive to students continuing with a senior thesis and is input only by the Office of the Registrar.

Grading deadlines are set by faculty policy. Midterm and final grading policies are found in the faculty handbook and College catalog

Midterm Grades

At the midterm of each semester, faculty should plan on entering midterm grades for students on track to receive D or F letter grades in their courses. This information is used by the Office of Student Affairs in order to send warning letters and to support students throughout the rest of the semester. Faculty are not required to enter midterm grades for students on track to earn higher than a D letter grade, but they may choose to communicate concern for the academic success of the student to the student and their class dean. Faculty may also submit comments to the dean via the online grading process.

Online Midterm Grade Instructions

Final Grades

Fall semester final grades are usually due by noon on the first business day following the New Year’s Day holiday in January. Spring semester final grades are usually due no later than 9am the Monday after the last day of exams for graduating seniors and all E class students participating in commencement. All other final grades for students not graduating are usually due the Wednesday after the last day of exams. For true dates each semester, refer to the Academic Calendar. Workday will make any grades you submit immediately visible to students. We strongly recommend waiting to post grades until after the pass/fail deadline and the course evaluation deadline have passed. 

Online Final Grade Instructions

Incomplete Grades

Extensions may be granted beyond the final examination period with approval of the instructor and the class dean. In such cases the instructor must submit a request for extension to the Office of Student Affairs by the end-of-semester grading deadline. The request shall indicate the extension deadline and default grade, which the registrar records only if the instructor does not submit a final grade by the extension deadline. The registrar shall record the incomplete notation “I” during the extension. (The instructor should also record the incomplete and default grade information via ACdata.)

Faculty should work with class deans on any extension that goes beyond the last day of final examination period. This will assist class deans and the registrar when following up with missing grades and students experiencing medical or personal issues.

Online Incomplete Grade Instructions