Student Affairs plays an integral role in the academic mission of the College by providing comprehensive support and resources that empower students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. Through a commitment to promoting wellbeing, fostering a sense of belonging, advancing equity and inclusion, we aim to create a healthy and supportive student culture that celebrates diversity and drives student success both inside and outside the classroom. Together, we will shape a student experience that prepares individuals to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world. Our commitment to student success is unwavering, and we endeavor to provide a safe and vibrant environment that encourages exploration, leadership, connection, and transformation.

The college offers an array of resources to support students’ academic success, providing access to faculty advisors, experts in particular skill areas and in the science of how we learn, and entire offices that provide academic-support services that are focused and personalized.

Living at Amherst

Visit our Campus Life page to learn more about opportunities to enrich your education through co-curricular and extracurricular activities. 

See our Student Resources Guide for a variety of services and contacts.

Health and Wellbeing

Visit our Health and Wellbeing page for important information on campus resources.

Identity and Exploration

Visit our Resource Centers Team page and our Religious and Spiritual Life page to learn more about our centers.

Additional Resources

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Funding Activities

Discover funding opportunities for  extracurricular activities around campus. Learn More

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Student Resources Guide

Explore a variety of student resources, from wellbeing services to information on our resource centers. Learn More

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Professor & Staff Dinners

You can take a professor or staff member out to dinner at an Amherst-area restaurant. Learn More

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Safety and Accessibility

Saftey and accessibility are at the heart of the Office of Student Affairs’ commitment to the campus community.

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Student Affairs Staff

The Student Affairs staff includes class deans, our case management team, student activities, residential life and new students programs, counseling and health services, and accessibility services.