ecoreps at the move in yardsale
EcoReps helping oversee the annual Free yardsale during Move In / Orientation week.

Be a Sustainability Ambassador!

In the residence halls, the EcoReps program is the main catalyst for sustainable behavior change. This residential peer to peer student sustainability education program is aimed at infusing sustainable living and lifestyle choices into the residential life experience and creating a campus culture of sustainability. The program includes a series of education modules covering an array of sustainability topics (e.g., zero waste, climate change, purchasing impacts, sustainability justice), aimed at improving sustainable behaviors across campus. We hire new EcoReps each year. Look out for the application on Workday each spring!

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Meet the 2023 - 2024 EcoReps:

  • Izzy Perozek '25 (EcoLeader Fall 2023)
  • Ivy Haight '25 (EcoLeader Spring 2024)
  • Anna Whitworth '26 (Charles Pratt, Garman, and Porter)
  • Noah Harris '26 (Stearns and Seligman)
  • Zakaria Shenwari '25 (North, King, and Weiland)
  • Vanessa Glass '26 (James and Moore)
  • Hugh LemmonKishi '24 (Hitchcock, Seelye, Mayo Smith, Jenkins, and Taplin)
  • Kennedy Hilario '24 (Valentine, Charles Drew, Lipton, and Cohan)
  • Muntaha Mamun '25 (Greenways)
  • Matthew Fisher '26 (Appleton, Morrow, and Mo Pratt)
  • Julia Morgan-Canales '26 (Williston and Newport)
  • Alex McIntosh '26 (South, Plimpton, Tyler, and Marsh)