green office recipient
Offices can apply to become Green Certified, and receive a certificate based on their performance.

Walking the Talk

Collaboration, Contributions, Recognition

The Green Office program is part of an ongoing effort by the Office of Sustainability to work closely with college offices to help them model and adopt sustainable behaviors, save offices and the college money, support our ongoing campus-wide sustainability efforts, and provide a chance for offices to showcase their green practices and garner recognition for their sustainability efforts.


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Congratulations to the following offices who have become Green Office Certified!  If you don't see your office on this list, click here to access and complete an office self audit!

Silver Status: Computer Science, Immigration Services, Office of the President, Frost Collection Management, Communications

Bronze Status: Fellowships, American Studies, Anthropology and Sociology, Writing Center, Registrar, Art and History of Art, Grants, Geology, Environmental Studies, Global Education, Community Engagement, Advancement, Philosophy, Russian, Facilities Administration, Archives and Special Collections, English, Frost Library Administration, Frost Research and Instruction, Frost Access Services

Participant Status: Law and Jurisprudence, Political Science, Asian Languages and Civilization, Economics, Music, Biology, French, Chemistry, Center for International Student Engagement, Architectural Studies, German, Math and Statistics, Counseling Center